Friday, October 10, 2008

Super Star of the Week

Tyler was chosen as Super Star of the week. He got to wear this awesome vest everyday, we made a book that was all about him and his life - he had to draw Ellyn as his best friend. He got to have this trophy for the week. He got to take a special toy to school - his baseball glove. But best of all - he got to be first in line for everything and he got to be Mrs. Zuleger's special helper. He even made up a nice little song about being a super star. You will all have to ask him to sing it for you sometime. What a Super Star!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend

We had a crazy & busy weekend. On Friday we had the Homecoming Parade. The kids had been hoping for more candy, or at least some candy. But they had fun anyway.

After working at a different wedding on Saturday afternoon, we were able to go to another wedding Saturday night for the dance. The kids took late naps so that we would be ready to go. They danced the night away. Here is a picture of Tyler's great break dancing moves. I honestly have no idea where he got that from.

Here is the family. We really do struggle to get a picture with everybody sitting still and looking at the camera. Oh well, it still works. And it was the end of the night.

On Sunday we went to Todd & Sandy's for Nick's birthday party. They had some great leaves to take pictures in. The kids played "looking for a bear". The "big kids" (Tabby, Joni & Jacob) had a great time sneaking back through the woods to growl like bears and send the little kids screaming for the house . They eventually figured it out. Since Tyler threw a tennis ball into the woods and somehow the bear threw it back. Hm.

Here is the bunch doing a fun & crazy picture while they waited for their pieces of cake. It was a great time for everyone. And Happy 5th Birthday Nick!!