Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hannah's New Hair

Here are the kids in the Packer clothes on Sunday. It is tough to take their picture! But do you see Hannah's new haircut? And Tyler's bald again.

It is so short! Chloe is saying, "LET ME GO!"

Here she is "smiling" for a close up. I did this haircut myself. Although it seems to be ok, as I look at it, I may need to call up a professional that I know and see if she can fix it up. I learned that people go to cosmetology school for a reason. Because I did not intend to go that short, but I had to keep evening up the sides and it ended up that short. And I stopped there.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tyler Turns 7

Today is Tyler's 7th birthday. Can you believe that he is that old? Remember the day that I had him? I think you were all there..I only had over 20 people in the waiting room. People skipping tests and work. Sisters, boyfriends, parents, aunts, friends, I was also introduced to people when they came in to see Tyler 30 minutes after he was born. the nurses even had to tell you all to quiet down out there. You crazy people! I'm just picking in you all. It was worth it.

And here he is this morning after opening his presents. He was secretly looking forward to school because his teacher does something special for their birthdays, be he can't admit that he likes it. She makes everyone form a circle and then the birthday kid has to dance in the middle - with her, the teacher. But what life be without our Tyler? He is the most - sensitive, polite, caring, rough, completely boy - kid ever.

Blue Ribbon Brownie

MMM, a brownie and ice cream at Applebees.

with chocolate syrup around the edges - can't miss that part.

Keep eating.

Then make sure that you lick every last bite.

Trip to MN

We spent Thursday in MN at the Mall of America to celebrate Tyler's birthday. We went mini-golfing. This is typical - everyone hitting their ball around at the same time, who would take turns at golf? Hannah hated it. It was 18 holes and by the 3rd hole she starting asking if we were done yet. She usually just threw her ball with her hand at the hole instead of putting it. The rest of the time she laid on her back on the course to be another thing to go around. Mental Note: no more mini-golf for a few years.

But they LOVED Nickelodeon Universe. They rode rides for hours. Even the real roller coasters! Tyler wasn't thrilled but he wouldn't be left behind with mom. And Hannah loved it. She couldn't get enough of the big rides. I stayed on the ground.

However, they did convince me to do the ferris wheel.

I'm secretly scared to death. And my kids kept thinking it was so funny to rock it back and forth to see me panic.

And this was the end of day. Hannah was exhausted, as you can tell.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hannah's Pictures

Hannah had my camera. This is her dancing dress.

This is the Packers playing.

This is Buttercup and Shirley.
She has a carebear who has always been called Sunshine Bear. this weekend she changed her name to...Sinned. Yeah. I'm not sure how to explain that one.

My plant.

The floor & baby pictures on the tv stand.

Trick or treating pumpkins everywhere.

And of course, a self-portrait...Joni.

Hannah loves to take pictures!

Birthdays & the Swine Flu

Tyler's 7th birthday is coming up soon - on Friday - and he had his best friend over on Saturday to play. Then we went to Happy Joe's for supper. I love that Kevin is still is best friend, even though one goes to Medford and one goes to Stetsonville. I loved listening to their conversation while in the van. It makes me feel like he so old - having real conversations!

And then Saturday night...Chloe got sick. With the swine flu.

On Sunday her fever hit 105.4.

She did a lot of laying around, and getting better. Tyler got sick on Sunday. Both woke up Tuesday morning with no fever! Yeah! And so far - Hannah has been fine. I hate the swine flu.

Monday, October 12, 2009


We went to the Homecoming Parade on Friday afternoon. It is always amazing to me the hundred of people that line Main St. for a 5 minute parade, but I love it. Don't you love this picture of Chloe? I think she's angry to be out in public looking like that. Her instincts must be telling her it just wasn't right. Don't worry, I took the pink hat off.

Being at the parade made me think of past homecomings. When I was in high school, homecoming was my all time favorite week of the year. Making floats, getting out of school all day Friday to decorate, and Saturday was the best. That is when there was band practice at like 8am, the game at 1 and the dance that night. That was the best. Anyway, so I pulled some pictures of our senior year Homecoming. It was fun to go through past albums.

Here we are at the dance. Don't you love Jon's hair!!

We were on the court. We should've won. Oh well.

And the best part - I loved being a football cheerleader. Can you find which one is me?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rock Band Kids

Last weekend the kids were Logging Kids. This weekend they were Rock Band Kids. They came upstairs dressed like this. And then they went outside. At least there isn't too much traffic on our road.

They played the drums, a guitar and they sang. Very Loudly. "Yeah, we're the rock band kids. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We love rock & roll! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Maybe they'll write lyrics for songs someday.
Hannah has the most beautiful hair. I'm just kind of at a loss for words on this post. What can you possibly say about this? All I can do is laugh and swear it is all their father's genes. Because we never made our own dancing/singing bands. Nope. Never. Sorry mom.