Monday, August 13, 2012


 In July we went to Lifest in Oshkosh.  It was an awesome 5 days and 4 nights in a camper.  With our 3 kids.  And my parents.  In one camper.  It was hot.  But for real - it was a great time and I am so grateful for my parents taking us so that I am able to take our kids to these kinds of things.  On my own, it would be hard to handle.  I stole the pics from mom (she has a bunch more on her facebook).  The kids broke our camera so I am without one right now, so I just used her pics.  Tyler & Hannah got their faces painted & balloons.  It was quite the design!

 The girls had a great time dancing during the shows.  This night was Casting Crowns.  Earlier in the day, a security guy came up and said "Hey, do you want to move your chairs to the very front row?"  I was like "Sure!  Thanks!"  So he moved us up to the very front row.  It was awesome. God is so good.  He also blessed us with a friend of Tabby's who worked there by driving the golf carts.  So when we would need a ride, we'd give her a call and our very own taxi cart came to carry us around.  It was the good life!

 Hannah has talked about it for a year - she was going to do the bungee jumping this year.  And she did it and she loved it!  Tyler did do it also, but blogspot is still only letting me do 5 pictures at a post.  She is our little dare devil.

 Tyler was so excited about being this close for Shonlock.  He also loved seeing Brian Head Welch, although I didn't take him this close for that one.  He has an amazing testimony, which you can see at .  (That website also has a ton of other amazing testimonies).  But even though he left Korn, it still sounds like Korn type music.  Tyler loves it, I sucked it up & took him. But I did really like Shonlock.

We also got to see Tracey K each day.  It was good to get to see her so much.  Here is Chloe getting mad about TK taking her picture.  It was quite the ordeal.  But as TK pointed out, she was so concerned about TK, she didn't even notice Hannah taking her picture.

Lifest was a great time.  We got to hear some great evidences of God's grace in people's lives.  And the music was moving.  My favorite was The Newsboys.  Jon & I saw them together in 1997 & they were good, but this was amazing.  Chloe is still singing "God's not dead - he's surely alive!"  Mom & Dad already booked a site for next year.  We're praying that Daddy will be with next year. 
Rejoicing & living life, yet always prayerful & finding hope in the truth that God is not dead, He is alive & moving.  Watch and see His glory revealed.