Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to School

 We are back in the school routine!  Yeah!!  Our traditional first day of school picture by the school tree.  I still remember how when we first moved into our house, we didn't have a school tree.  So the night before the first day of school my husband went to my parent's house & dug up this very tree & planted it so that I could keep the tradition going the next morning.  To this day, I appreciate how he did that.

 The first day was just Hannah & Tyler going, but Chloe needed to get in a picture.  Hannah was not happy about that.

 This was the next day.  The baby's first day of kindergarten! 

 Of course, the traditional back picture.

And this one shows a little personality.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Football Night

 Football season has started.  Well, it started in August.  Chloe trying on some of Tyler's gear.  The kids all decided to play a game of football.  It usually doesn't end nicely.  One middle child who will remain nameless always ends of crying because one older child always tackles too hard.  But I absolutely love a summer evening playing out in the yard.  The radio in the garage was super loud & the other neighbors probably thought we were crazy, but that's ok, I love making these kind of memories.
 Here is Chloe being the center.  She was all set to go.  I'm not sure how she was able to that since Tyler's jersey is like an ankle length dress on her.

 This is the only fair tackle.  Kelsey taking Tyler down.
Then the girls getting back up
 This is Tyler trying to explain the technical details.  As you can tell, Hannah & Kelsey were like "Huh?"  And Chloe is off rolling in the grass not even listening anymore.

 The main objective of every play: tackle Tyler because he has the ball.

 The little one goes all out in the tackle.  Allie even has to pull her off Tyler.  But she wasn't coming off from him without a fight.

 The team.  They are all wearing Medford/Kapitz shirts.  Hannah & Kelsey are wearing jersey's of Tyler's from previous years.  Chloe is wearing his current one.  Tyler is wearing Jon's old practice jersey from high school (the one I had the honor of wearing on game day as his girlfriend) and Allie wearing a basketball tshirt of Jon's.  I'm out of jerseys!

 The muscle faces.

 A back shot of course.  As a side story: Jon's number in high school was 81.  So this year we picked Tyler's number be to 81.  I think that's pretty neat.

 And they are off again.  I am so thankful for God's blessings on us.  Healthy kids to play, friends to play with, a nice yard to run in and a gorgeous summer evening.