Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jon & I both had off on Memorial Day so we took the kids fishing. It was a fun time, although at the end, it was time to go. Hannah only has so much patience.

Chloe & I had fun hanging out and pushing her around and around since she did not want to sit in one spot for too long.

Tyler caught the biggest fish. And the most fish. We caught about 12 in all.

Here is Hannah's only fish. She would cast it out and reel it in, cast it out and reel it in. So it was only in the actual water for about 5 seconds. I was truly afraid that I was going to get a hook in the face if I stood within 5 feet of her "casting".

And here is the prize fish. Yep, this is the one that Jon caught. He thought that if he held it closer to the camera it would look bigger. It didn't work. But he had fun helping the kids, which was the real point of the afternoon. They are blessed to have such a loving daddy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A present for Grandpa & Grandma

Tonight I had one of those moments as a parent that I just didn't know what to do. You know how you are making supper, answering the phone, putting a crabby baby down to take a cat nap, and so much more. And the other 2 kids are playing so nice together, and you think, man I wish that they could do that all of the time. But then they are coming inside and one is asking wierd questions, and you think out of the corner of your eye you see the other one taking something out of the fridge, cupbaord, etc.? And by the time you realize what is really going on you have two choices..
1. Yell and scream and ban them to their bedrooms for the rest of their lives
2. Take a picture and move on.

They decided to make their own rhubarb pie as a present for Grandpa & Grandma (who are in Iowa this weekend). They picked their own rhubarb, Tyler saw the recipe on the counter (mom just made a real rhubarb pie this week) and they were coming in and getting the real ingredients. One was the distractor and one was the stealer. They cracked eggs, measured out flour, sugar, salt. Mom, I think I owe you a bottle of vanilla, and a whole container of heavy whipping cream. Then they cut up the rhubarb and put it in the pie. Then they wanted to cook it. It was a diaster. I took some pictures and then made them scrub the deck on their hands and knees because it was such a mess.

Hannah made rhubarb cupcakes. They are brown from a bottle of vanilla in them. MMMM.

And here is Tyler's prize winning rhubarb pie. He thinks it could win first place. What do you think mom? Are you reading this in Iowa and feeling some concern? I'm just thankful that they locked the deck so that Jacks couldn't get up there and try to eat it. That's all I need is a sick dog. So, that was the excitement here tonight. Great times. They are also sleeping in Mom & Dad's bed because they are pretending to be them. Because they miss them so much!! Hurry home mom & dad, there is some delicious pie waiting for you!

A Kindergarten Graduate

Tyler had his kindergarten graduation on Friday. We crowded into the library at the school to watch the program. The seating was horrible so I did not get any good shots of the program. But he was the cutest firefly.

We are the girls eating cookies and drink juice boxes that were for AFTER the program...before the program. Now, take a good look at Hannah. First, you might notice that I cut her hair. Yep, all by myself. It was scary. But I think that it looks cute. Second, you can kind of see it in this picture, but she woke up this morning with her eye swollen shut. A bug bit her duringt he night and she had a reaction. The benadryl still has not made the swelling go down. But at least she can open her eye now. The poor girl.
Here is Tyler with his teacher, Mrs. Zuelger. He really likes having her for a teacher. She's been good for him too.

This is Tyler with his best friend, Kevin. We hear so much about Kevin, I feel like I've actually met him. Tyler was cruched that he would not be in SESwith Kevin next year. But I talked to Kevin's mom today and they might also be moving into the MAES area, so maybe they might be together after all. I hope so, because I think that would be a huge help for Tyler in adjusting to the changes next year.

And here he is with Braden. They are also good friends.
I just can't believe that my little boy is done with kindergarten. Sometimes all of this growing up stuff is jsut too much to take. I think I need some time to get out baby pictures of him and cry a little bit. Can't they stay little forever?

We Have a Walker

Well, we officially have a walking baby. She now does more walking than crawling. I guess that makes her not a baby anymore. It is so cute to see her walking around. It is amazing how much more she is walking. She is everywhere! Can you believe that she is almost one! My how time flies.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joni's Wedding

Well, last Saturday was Joni & Bob's wedding. And we all made it through. There was some sickness (the poor groom!) but it was still a great time. Tyler missed school Monday & Tuesday as he got sick on Sunday. So hopefully now everyone is good. Anyway, the wedding...I don't have a lot of pictures - it is very difficult to carry a camera around when your whole family is in a wedding. But you can check out her photpgrapher's blog for some more at And then click on her blog. They are some amazing pictures.

Chloe was in this walker for a long time at the reception. Since the DJ was having some cord issues, we had some time to spare. Chloe just sat back and let peole push her around. Those boys had her all over the place and they were really flying with her. But she loved it.

This is my only picture of me & Jon. Aww.

And here I am with the beautiful bride. It really was a great time. And she agreed to have nachos at the reception - which Jon thought was the best part. I hope that someone out there got a picture of that massive spread of food we put out. I think it was a whole 2nd meal. I only wish that I would have gotten more pictures with other people. It was great to be with almost the whole EC group again. We missed you Eddy! It brought back some great memories that makes me want to dig out old pcitures and remind us all of some good times. Maybe when I get them out of storage....

Happy Marriage Joni & Bob!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Hospital Stay

Well, Hannah did not get any better for us. We took her in Wednesday morning and her blood sugars were really low since she had not eaten since Sunday night at supper time. And she was very dehydrated. She was still throwing up a lot. They gave us until 2pm to have her improve. She didn't sooo...

She was admitted to the hospital Wednesday afternoon. She is on an IV, and the fluids are definately helping her to improve. This is her at about 9pm. As you can see, she is a little more cheerful. Tyler was very impressed with the big wrapping on her arm to keep the IV under wraps. He was there when the doctor came in to check her over. And he had be right there because he needed to "watch the surgery". The doctor found that pretty funny.

So the poor girl is recovering, and hopefully for good this time! She's got flower girl duty in only a couple of days. Jon & I both had taken vacation for this week so that I could help decorate. Which, I have not been able to do since I have spent it all so far in the hospital. I said I should take back my vacation days and make them sick days. A hospital is no vacation!!

Here she is connected to her machine. She was finally able to stand up on her own tonight. Yeah for small steps! But she should be coming home Thursday. Praise God! We are so thankful that it did not turn out to be something more serious. Jon is staying at the hispital with her tonight (she is a daddy's girl through and through). But I will be back there bright and early so I had better get to bed. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and visits. It means a lot to us!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Practice

The wedding is almost here! The kids have been practicing walking for the ceremony. They will be so cute!

Personally, I like the shoes.
As a side note, I am asking all of to pray for healthy children! Hannah has been sick, and Chloe is sick today (Tuesday). We actually spent last night in the emergency room with Hannah. She was so dehydrated and sick. And she also has an infection on her ear from some type of bug bite - they think - which has gotten infected. And the infection is causing a rash on her face. When the rash started appearing we found the bug bite hidden in her ear which is when we headed in. The poor girl did not like getting an IV. But she did great. We just need her to get better! And nobody else to get sick!

Lumberjack Jr.????

Do I have a Lumberjack Jr. on my hands? Tyler knocked down his first whole tree. Yep. With a shovel. He was walking the yard with mom and she mentioned to him that this tree was dead and grandpa needed to chop it down. Well, Tyler couldn't wait. A little while later he came running to the house with the tree. We were a little shocked. He said he did it for Grandpa and he used the shovel. And there it is, the evidence. He chopped and chopped until that tree fell. He couldn't wait to go to school and tell all of his friends that he chopped down a tree.

Playing Hard

The kids are loving living at Grandma & Grandpa's house. There are always things to do there. These two practically live outside. Seriously, I think that they are outside by 8am. I think Tyler is such a character. He played all day in those earmuffs and Jon's basketball shoes - which are HUGE on him.

These earmuffs are one of Tyler's treasures. He bought them at a garage sale last summer. He saw them and he wouldn't let mom leave without them. He actually wears them - around home. His new favorite saying is "I'm weird." Joni & I came to the conclusion that we must tell him that too much. But it is a good weird! An amazing, wouldn't change him for the world weird.

And here is Hannah with her goofy grin. I can't wait for that stage to be over and she goes back to smiling naturally.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our New House

Well, a while back I announced that Jon & I were going to building a house by his mom's house. Unfortunately, we hit a major road block that has changed the course we were on. It is a long story, and I will not go into too many of the details here, but because of one of Jon's brothers, we can not build where we wanted to. Our house was still sold, and we had to move out, so we had to have a Plan B.

This is Plan B...

This is the house that Jon & I have purchased. It is on Hillcrest Road, which off from M. It is about 2.5 miles from my mom & dad's and about 6 miles from Jon's mom's. It is a gorgeous house and I think that it will work about great. We close on the house on May 27. If you would like to see more pictures, visit this website:
Although this was not our plan, and we are still upset with what happened and how it happened, we are coming to accept that this must be God's plan for us. So we are bummed, yet super excited about what is yet to come for us. And until May 27...we are still in the parent's basement. YEAH!! :)