Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moving Time

This past weekend was moving day for us. We had family & friends that came out to help us get the job done. We so love & appreciate you all! Thank you for all of your help!! And a special thanks to Becky & Joni for taking kids. That made a huge difference!

I think that the thing that got the most complaints about moving was the swing set. Jon had it all apart already, but it was so heavy to move. Here is a section of it going across the yard.

You can see other sections of it laying there on the grass. But in the end, everything was out.

On Sunday, after hours of cleaning, we took the kids back to say good bye to their house. They had to kiss it good bye. Although I am happy & excited to move on, it is still sad to say good bye to your first house. Although Tyler has lived in 2 other homes (apartments) and he was too little to remember them, it is the only home Hannah & Chloe have ever known. We brought 2 babies home to that house. So it does hold some sentimental value!

Can you tell that whoever took this picture is shorter than us?

And here are the girls cleaning out the shower of "Our new house". Yep, the parents' basement. It's been good so far. Chloe insisted on being right in there. She was soaked. But it is going pretty good so far, at least we think so. Maybe mom & dad would say differently...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Times

Chloe has this new wierd face that she has been doing. She seriously did it forever last night. She just sits there, making this face. She must be one of mine...she's got the wierd kid gene.

This picture is trouble, trouble and trouble. They all 3 sat behind the coffee table this morning looking at me. Chloe was trying to eat their cereal. Tyler has this new thing, that you might be able to notice in this picture. He is a "rock star" so he is holding his hand like "rock stars" do in pictures. Huh?!? I hate school.

Can you tell that we are packing? The kids lined up all of the boxes in the hallway last night. They wanted to sleep on them. Sure. (They slept in their beds).

And we have a walker and a cruiser. Well, with a toy anyway. Chloe runs around everywhere with her walking toy. She is so close to taking off on her own. When she is not paying attention, she stands and moves on her own. But as soon as she realizes it, she sits down. It won't be long. I have to keep reminding myself that she is getting bigger and won't be my baby forever. I remember trying to get Tyler to walk (he did at 9 months!). But then you learn that once they can walk, it's all over. There is no turning back. They become faster and in to way too mcuh stuff. Can she stay a baby a little bit longer?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Even though Hannah had been sick, she was well enough that we felt comfortable enough to head to Fon Du Lac by Mark & Colleen for Easter. The kids were revolting and needed out of the van for awhile (Chloe needed out of that car seat!). So we stopped in Weyawega to play at a park for about 30 minutes. It was exactly what they needed. We found this park a couple of years back on a trip down to Fon Du Lac. And it has become a little favorite stop. It is a great little park right off the interstate. One time, Jon launched Tracey off of the see saw and she almost broke her ankle. So, the big kids play too. And the kids love the name of the town.

Here is Chloe relaxing in the swing. She really doesn't like swings too much. She is like her mom.

Here they are on the merry-go-round. Hannah kept wanting to go faster and faster. Tyler screamed to get off.

We had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Here is Tyler off looking on his own. He felt that there was way too many girls this weekend. He needed some boys.

"What did you all get?"

Here are Molly & Hannah. They love to play together, they just don't get as many opportunities to do so as they would like. It was a fun weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bachelorette Party

This last weekend was Joni's bachelorette party in Eau Claire. We had a great time! It was not your typical bachelorette party...we got a cool hotel room and went out to eat and then we just hung out and played games. It was exactly what Joni wanted and I certainly enjoyed it.

Here we are on the steps in the hotel. It was at The Metropolis. It is a newer hotel in Eau Claire. I can't say that I am completely sold on the hotel, but it was still fun.

We went out to eat at Applebees. Here is the group. I think that the waitress had to take pictures with way too many cameras. At least she was happy to do it!

We found a conference room at the hotel where we played some games. Tabby had a game that was hilarious - kind of a pictionary/guessing game. It was a great game!

Our room was the "Miami Suite." It had a lot of colorful vases in it. Here are some of the vases. Tracey really like the flamingo one but we told her she couldn't take it with her.

And here I am with Tracey. Good times.