Monday, March 30, 2009

Chloe's cute!

I thought it was so funny all weekend, Kaila kept saying "Chloe's so cute!!" She said it more times than I could count! I couldn't help but smile every time...

Because of course...I agree! Chloe is so cute!


This past weekend my sister Lisa came from Colorado. She brought with her for us to meet, her boyfriend Gary, and his daughters Keanna (10) & Kaila (5). They are the sweetest girls! Kaila and Hannah became attached at the hip. Hannah was so excited to have a girl her own age to play with. They became the best of friends instantly. Hannah missed her already!

This is them hugging good-bye. Yes, Hannah was crying. However, she was crying because I wouldn't let her play on the computer.

We also had about 30 people over to mom's house to have a birthday party for Hannah. It was a little crazy, but it was a good time. She got her princess cake!

For once there was an even number of girls & boys - 4 & 4! WOW! Here the girls are stenciling and coloring in the office.

At this point, all of the boys had left and Tyler thought it was no fair that it was only girls left. So he got to play on the computer. Yes, he is wearing swim trunks. His clothes were a wet, muddy mess from playing outside earlier.

Lisa bought Hannah make up for her birthday. I think it was one of her favorite presents. This is how she did her make up Monday morning. Isn't it lovely!


All of us were together this weekend for Joni's bridal shower on Saturday. Look at Tabby's cute baby bumbles! Mom had to drag us all up off the couch to take this picture. We were excited to have Lisa home from Colorado! Of course, I forgot my camera to take pictures at the shower. I think I forgot way too much this weekend. Tabby asked me if I had pregnant brain. I said No Way! Tabby, you'll learn that pregnant brain turns into plain old Kid Brain. I'm convinced it will never go away! Oh to be able to remember things without writing them down...

Monday, March 23, 2009

SOLD & Happy Birthday!

Today is Hannah's 4th birthday!! I can not believe that she is that old already! We can not imagine a life without our Hannah Bananas. We thank God everyday for blessing us with such a free spirit. Happy Birthday Hannah!

We got her a Packers cheerleader outfit. She loved it.

It took about 5 seconds to put it on and start doing cheers. It's too bad my pom poms from High school are packed away already. She wanted them too.

She also woke up ready to bake her cake. I made her take the cheer outfit off first. You might notice in these pictures that it is kind of dark out...presents happen early in our house.

We also have HUGE news!! Out house sold this past week! Eight days after we listed it, we had 2 offers. We accepted one on Saturday morning. The closing date is April 27. Which means we have a very busy month ahead. Every weekend is taken up until then so I'm sure that I will be super stressed out. We have Joni's shower, bacherlorette party, then going to Fon Du Lac for Easter and then it is the weekend before we have to be out. We have to finalize house plans, make huge decisions, and on and on and on. AAAHHH! But we will survive - I'm not complaining! I am just so happy that it sold so fast. We never expected that. So things are moving a little faster than we originally thought, but that is ok. But if you see me in public and I seem a little dazed, now you know why!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is Here

We spent as much of the weekend outside that we could. It is so nice to have spring coming!

Doesn't Hannah look all sweet and cute. If only...

She loves to go high on the swings. The higher the better. Tyler on the other hand hates to go too high.

Even Chloe got outside. She hated the Clifford swing. She screamed. Do you like her gloves? I couldn't find any small ones. What she wore all winter was part of the snowsuit.

She preferred to be in the snuggli thing where she could take it all in. And it was all fun and games until there was a "family snowball fight" (as Hannah kept saying) with the remaining snow. And then one off throw by Tyler landed right in Chloe's face. She was not happy and was ready to be done.

And then Daddy gave Tyler a facewash and Tyler got really mad. He got up from the snow and shouted "I'm sick of this. I'm going inside." And he cried the whole way to the house. This is him upset after coming in. It was secretly kind of hard not to laugh. And of course, we had to finish it off with hot chocolate & marshmallows.

And this is Chloe's new favorite place to sit and play. She loves to take toys and crawl under the end table and sit. The problem is that you can't see her under there when you walk into the room. So you go "Where's Chloe?!?!?" for that split second until you see her. I guess whatever keeps her happy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few of my favorite foods...

I have no idea why this started underlining everything, and I can't get it to stop. so, sorry.

Chloe has a few new favorite foods. Such as those little, gross lady bug beetle things. She starts to spit and sputter and gag. And yet, she will eat them again and again and again.

Here she is trying out some toliet paper. Maybe it won't be too bad...

Alright, it's not so great. But I will keep trying it. Maybe some day it will taste better.

Now why is not underlining here? Sometimes I truly despise computers.

More Pictures

This is one angle of the living room. Towards the stairs and the hallway.

And this is another angle. We kept rearranging furniture to make the room look bigger. The carpets are all clean and we stained all of the windows & trim in the living room. The ceiling fan is also new. We got rid of that old ugly, panelized fan that was there.

And this is standing in the living room and looking down over the handrail down the steps. I cleaned that chandelier for the first time since I think we moved in..oops. And we added some decorative the mirror, the plant and the candles. But we are done with everything!! FINALLY! It was great to just sit last night and have nothing that needed to get done.

More Pictures of the house

I have some more pictures of the house so that you all can see the changes we made...

This is our bedroom. We took extra furniture out and put a nicer coat of paint on that dark wall. And cleaned the carpets.

Here is part of the bathroom. You can't even tell where Jon extended the wall. He did such a great job on that! Some of you might notice that the electrical pole things hanging down in the corners are gone now too.

Here is the dining room area. I spent a lot of time hand scrubbing those floors! We also replaced the light fixture. We also stained the patio door & kitchen windows. The were never finished wood, so we tackled that project too.

Here is the other half of the kitchen. Look at those lovely new counter tops! And a new light fixture there too.

And believe it or not...this is actually my laundry room! It is clean! We also put up trim around the door frame and put on a door! So now I can finally lock it and keep the kids out!! YEAH!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bedroom Changes

As I have mentioned we have been making changes to the house. So I am going to post some pictures of the rooms to kind of show you all the house. I plan on taking more pictures of the rest of the house as I clean it. We have been cleaning like crazy and the time crunch is on. The real estate guys come on Tuesday at 4pm. AAHH!! I spent Sunday afternoon outside cleaning windows - that was a little chilly.

This is Hannah's room. She used to share it with Chloe, but we got rid of the playroom and moved Chloe out into her own room. You can't see it in this picture, but we also finished off the trim around the doorway & closet and put on a closet door - which we had to stain first. Our kids' closets have never had doors, so we figured it would a smart investment. We also did fresh paint of the same color.

This is Tyler's room. It used to be the playroom. We painted it a tan color and finished off the window. We framed it out and put up trim and stained it. It think Tyler's room was a huge transformation. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take before pictures of any of these rooms.

Chloe's room is odd shaped, so here is one angle. We repainted the room a softer yellow and brought the living room rocking chair down to the nursery.

Here is the other side of Chloe's room. Off to the side is her newly stained closet door and trim. We spent Saturday shampooing all of the carpets. We did the upstairs after the kids went to bed and we were up until 2am moving furniture and cleaning carpets.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laundry and Dancing

Jon was gone this past weekend on a Men's Retreat with some guys from church. He had a great time and I'm glad that he was able to get away for a few days. However, that did leave me home with 3 kids by myself. It was my first time completely alone for multiple days with all 3. Fun. But we survived. Chloe was helping fold towels. Do you ever let your baskets of dried clothing pile up until you get a chance at the end of the day to sit down and fold it all at one time? Well, sometimes I do that and I needed one of the baskets so the contents got dumped out into a pile. Chloe loved it. And she chews on everything! I really do honestly believe that a first tooth may finally be coming through. But then again I have been saying that she must be teething since she was 4 months old. Can you believe that she is almost 9 months already!! Where has the time gone?

The kids love the Madagascar Movies and they were watching Madagascar 2 this Sunday. Their favorite part is the "butt shaking part" - When they dance to "I Like to Move It, Move It." They love to shake it. Tyler gets his dance moves from his father.

I just thought this picture was funny because of Chloe in the background. Man, I've got to get her some better toys. With just this post all the girl has to play with are towels and her car seat. Everything else is in the storage shed! Also, if you look close you can see our new light fixture above the table. We got rid of that ugly other thing.