Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prayers for the new Mommy & Baby

I just wanted to ask all of you blog readers out there to keep Tabby & Isabella in your prayers. The delivery is Tabby's story to tell, which I am sure she will, but it was an emergency c-section in the middle of the night. She started bleeding at home - no labor - and rushed to the hospital. Tabby lost a lot of blood and is pretty weak and has a scary tale to tell. But Isabella is doing great, and Tabby is getting better. She's not in danger or anything - it will just take some time to recover. We all went to bed with no baby and had one by 12:30! When she called to tell me afterwards (at 3:30am) I didn't believe her. All she said was ,"Well, I had the baby". I actually thought that she was walking/talking in her sleep. She was very groggy sounding and I thought she was dreaming that she had the baby and called me in her sleep. I had to say , "What are you talking about?!?!?" a few times. But then she got a short version of the story out. When Tabs called Joni, she actually thought Tabby was telling her a story. Isabella was crying in the background and Joni thought Tabby even had a fake baby crying just to trick her. But Praise the Lord everyone is doing alright. The kids can't wait to go and meet Baby Bumbles/Isabella. Be prepared Tabby - they have all kinds of nicknames for her (Like Baby Bella Butt). I just don't ask anymore. :) Thank you all for keeping them in your prayers - and don't forget about Andy. I'm sure it wasn't easy for him to go through either.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hannah Has Been Driving Again!

Hannah was driving her jeep again the other day. She drove straight off the driveway into the ditch (alongside the driveway not the road). She had Tyler help her get out. They found a bungee cord thing and tried to pull her out with the hummer. But the wheels kept spinning so it wasn't working.

She her big brother went down and pulled it out with his big muscles. What a good big brother! But then...

She got back in and just stepped on it without paying any attention and drove straight back into the ditch! When will she ever learn?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing in the Rain

Tuesday evening we got quite a few rain clouds that would pass over and dump a bunch of rain on one side of the house while it was sunny on the other side. It actually rained a lot in total. The kids would run in the house whenever it would start again and finally I told them, let's go play in the rain. So I did something that I have not done in a long, long, long time. I drug the kids out and we ran around the yard in the rain. Singing and dancing and jumping in the puddles. They thought that it was the best time ever.

After a rainfall, Chloe was having lots of fun splashing in the puddles. As you can tell by her little butt, she tended to just sit down in them.

Here she was after Daddy busted her running off again. I love how she just hangs there.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hummer Racing

My kids have been super excited to do "Hummer Racing". At Grandma K's they have had the big red hummer for a few years, and recently grandma added to her collection and got a pink Barbie jeep. She finally got a battery for it and the kids were itching to race.

Tyler wore this helmet & sunglasses for about an hour before we even left to go over there Saturday night.

And here is the "girl racer". In her Barbie Jeep and Princess helmet. Go figure, not even looking straight ahead.

And they're off! Hannah don't look behind you! Look where you are going!

She didn't listen. Hannah has got to be the worse driver ever. I am already praying for when she turns 16. She goes as fast as she can, rarely keeps her eyes on the road, frequently takes her hands off the wheel and runs right into things that in her way. When she runs into something she will sit there and step on the "gas" until either the other object moves or someone comes and lifts the front of the jeep to turn her in another direction. Nothing is safe - cars, trees, the other Hummer (they were doing some blocking), weeds, people's toes and not even Chloe. She literally knocked Chloe down was going to keep going right over her if I would not have been right there to save the baby!! So don't ever let Hannah drive you anywhere.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fifth of July Party

Mom & Dad had a party on July 5th this year. It was a fun time! It was great to have the afternoon to just relax and hang out. Jon had to work again, so we missed him. But Chloe actually slept more than she was awake so it made it a little easier.

I walked to the other side of the pond and took this picture of everyone just hanging out. Nobody was swimming at this point, but I thought it was cool how there were people everywhere.

The kids were very in to making sand castles & waterfalls. All of the boys were busy with Keegan & Wyatt making a huge one so Hannah decided to make her own. I gotta love Jacob because he came and helped her out. It's a good thing that we had such caring "Security".

At night we had a bon fire and fireworks. Here are Taylor & Hannah singing campfire songs. They tend to be stuck together. We also celebrated Taylor's birthday with a pinata & cake. It was Keegan's birthday too, and he broke the pinata wide open for the kids. Teenage cousins are sooooooo coooooooool to those little boys.

We enjoyed some smores. Tyler was drawn to the fire. Wyatt here is a favorite with the boys. He is a friend of Keegan's from Iowa. I am amazed at how those 2 older boys play with those kids. Wyatt is almost 15 and he was down in the sand with a bunch of kids that he didn't even know without any complaints. Although I'm hearing some stories about stopping in the woods on the 4 wheeler rides...

When we got home Sunday night Hannah just layed down on my bedroom floor and went to sleep. The lights were on, everyone else was moving around and being loud getting ready for bed. Adn there she slept. Chloe was even beating her in the head with a toothbrush. It was the end of a very long weekend.

Fourth of July

We had a great 4th of July this year! Jon worked this year, but we still had fun. He was able to switch so that he could go to the park with us Saturday night at least. Saturday afternoon the kids & I went to the Perkinstown Parade. They got way too much candy there. After cooking out - just the 5 of us -which we actually really enjoyed just being us for awhile; we headed into the park. This is Chloe's favorite facial expression.

I was afraid that she was going to cry during the fireworks, but she didn't. She just kind of stumbled around, falling over because she was tired, the grass was wet and she couldn't see much. She was very entertaining to watch. But she insisted on carrying that water bottle around.

Here is Hannah with her hands full. Laffy Taffy in one hand and Rice Krispies in the other. I think she had more candy this weekend that in her entire life.

Tyler all curled up in a blanket watching the fireworks. I think he must have asked more than 100 times "When is the Grand Finale?" Although Alex was the best..."Did you see that Grand Finale?!?!?!?!" Nope. we missed it. Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty funny.