Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year

 I am going to focus on New Years' Eve.  Christmas is done, it was a little chaotic & not normal.  It was good, but different.  These two love ladies here, they were diagnosed with whooping cough the Friday before Christmas.  So we were cut off from seeing people for 5 days.  Which meant not being around extended family for Christmas.  And they couldn't go to Christmas Eve services.  So it was different, but God blessed it in so many other ways.  They are recovering, and don't worry - they are no longer contagious - but still coughing for up to 3 more months.  Don't you love their New Year's dress up?  I love Chloe's purple lipstick which went around her lips more than on her lips.

 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Thursday before Christmas we discovered at the doctor's appointment for the coughing - that Chloe had a broken arm!  The poor girl broke it the Saturday before & I didn't know how it happened & that it was broken until the following Thursday.  So we left that day with a cast - which was not on my to do list!  Especially since it was the day of the big snowstorm - and school being cancelled! She hates the cast & wants to off because it itches, but we have some more weeks to go on it.  Despite the arm - she played Twister with the rest of them on New Years.

 Our dear friends & neighbors came over for some KFC & Twister on New Years.  The kids loved it.  Hannah & Caden (shown in the blurry pic above) are both 7 & in the same class.  And they are both really good at Twister.  And they didn't care at all about getting up close & personal if it meant the difference between winning & losing.

 Tyler was much more aware of his personal space.  But there was really no competing against Hannah & Caden.  They literally had them selves twisted into pretzels & held their positions.  It was an awesome time.  Us moms also took out turns - but I won't post those pictures :)

 Here is the crew of kids.  The 6 of them had a lot of fun & so did the parents.  We are looking forward to many more Christmas & New Years together.

 Silly face time.

And this is me with my dear and precious friend Tanya.  I have many friends that I thank God for in my life.  They all get me through the days by pouring God's love out on me.  I thank God for this special friend today because she is one of God's blessings to me in more ways than I can say.