Friday, January 7, 2011

Chloe's Clothes

Last weekend, the kids & I tackled taking the tree down. Thank goodness for Mr. Tyler Muscles! Chloe wanted to help, and dressed herself...

She then proceed to run around outside like this until I could catch her. And the girl kept changing clothes all day! And they were awesome outfits - I couldn't stop laughing so I needed to take pictures and share some of Chloe's Clothes for a day.

An inside out swimsuit, cowgirl boots & hat and a fairy wand

Snow White dress and a winter hat. I missed a picture of the ballerina outfit - but you can see it laying on the ground in the background

And Super Girl with a Santa hat - with sandals. And that was just a few outfits that I caught on camera! That girl is all about getting a laugh - and she always gets them. I just about lost my mind last weekend, so thank goodness for some comic relief (until I realized I had to wash all of the outfits because I think she wet each one!! AAHH!)