Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday Night Football

We went to the Medford football game on Friday night to check it out. The kids had a great time. However, I spent the entire time with Chloe out of the stands. She didn't like it very much. Next time, we get a sitter for her.

We picked this game to go to because we figured, it's August, it won't be to cold. We were wrong. It was freezing. We left after halftime.

Although Chloe hated the game, she LOVED the band. She went right up to the track and stared. The Raiderettes were right in front of us and they kept laughing at her during their routines. I think she was a distraction.

Then, to Chloe's amazement, they threw their little, round things full of streamers on the ground right in front of her and ran away. It's hard to see in this picture, but Chloe spent the rest of the time trying to get her hand through the fence to steal it. And she kept getting the streamers through, but the actual round things wouldn't come through. I would try to push it back, and she would do it again because I couldn't really get it to throw it far enough back. She actaully laid on the ground, on her belly, to try and squeeze her hand under the fence. I nthe meantime, everyone else is singing the Alma Mater. And the raiderettes were still watching her and trying not to laugh at her. And then the band marched off the field towards her - right up to the fence. She ran the other way. I think the drums in her face were a little too much to handle.

And this is Chloe by the time we got to the end of the school driveway to pull out and go home. Dreaming of one day being a Raiderette and fianlly getting to hold the streamers...Sorry Joni, maybe no color guard girl here, unless they will use streamers too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My name is Chloe and I am sweet and innocent. I never do naughty things...

However, I do like to pull out chairs from the table and I think I can climb up on them.

And guess what! I can climb up on them! Why stop here?!

Let's go for the top of the table! And I can go from the floor to the table in about 10 seconds - so I'm fast. And I will do this all day long. Never ending. Until all of the chairs are locked out in the porch where I can't them. I think Grandma might agree with mom on this one. (P.S. - she doesn't normally wear wet clothing, she had just finished "drinking" the milk left in her cereal bowl)

Facial Swelling

Some of you know this story, but we had to take Tyler back in to Urgent Care on the Thursday after his stitches. His face started swelling. He had been playing with Alex and when I picked him up Taylor was saying that Tyler looked funny. I just kind of said, "Yeah, Yeah, it's the stitches.". Then an hour later we sat down to eat and I looked at him for the first time and went "AAHH! What's wrong with your face!" Ok, maybe I didn't say that out loud, but that is what I thought. Out of the fear that he was infected or having a bad reaction to the stitched I took him right in.

The 2 doctors didn't really agree on what was wrong. So they sent me home with an antibiotic & benadryl. The important thing is that it went away after a day or so and know he's back to normal - well, normal looking anyways. :) But I learned another lesson or 2 - 1. look at your kids more closely - and more often. and 2. When someone else says they look funny, don't ignore them - because Taylor was right and saw it an hour before I did. Sorry Taylor! You were right!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We had the wonderful opportunity to spend Sunday evenings in the emergency room. Tyler was running at Diane's house and he had a crash with Chloe. He was trying to avoid knocking her down and instead tripped on her and crashed head first in to a cabinet. The blood was everywhere. I was told that it is normal for head wounds to bleed a lot. We went in right away. The cut was really deep and he had to have 2 internal stitches and 5 external stitches. It was a nasty cut. But Tyler did great. He asked a million questions and needed to know everything. From sizes and shapes to colors to whether things would tickle, sting, burn, hurt, etc. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bay Beach

Everyone will have to bear with me. I have 4 new posts for you to read and I did them in backwards time order. So I realized I started with the end. Sorry. But we went on a vacation this past week to the Milwaukee Zoo, Appleton to see the baby and then to Bay Beach to ride some cheap rides. So this first post, is actually the last day of our trip. Oh well.

We stopped at Lambeau Field to show Tyler where the Packers play. He thought that was pretty cool. They were not practicing on Wednesday so we couldn't check that out. Hannah took the picture for us. She didn't want to be in "another picture". (You have to say that with a HUGE sigh as if it were the end of the world.)

Then we went to Bay Beach in Green Bay. It is a great place. The rides are nice and almost all of them are only 25 cents a ride. It was perfect for us. Chloe had her first ride on a merry-go-round. She loved it.

Here are the kids on a plan ride. The rides were perfect for them. Definately worth a quarter.

This ride was their favorite! That is them way up at the top. Tyler could ride alone, but Jon had to ride with Hannah. He was thrilled.

I stood at the bottom and waited for them. I was so sad that Chloe was not allowed on it. I was forced to stay behind. Boo Hoo. I cried. Not really, I was relieved. Secretly estatic. But it was still a fun filled day. If you have never been there, you should check it out. But I am so glad to finally be home!

Seeing Bella

Even though I may think about it...I would never kick a baby.
I would also never keep poking a baby.
Nope, I love the baby Bella.

Is she in there? I better keep checking every 5 seconds just to make sure.

Yeah! Sweet Baby Bella is in there! We had a great time seeing Bella, Tabby & Andy on Tuesday night. We played at a playgroubd, got Dairy Queen and shook up the house a little bit. The kids loved Bella. Especially Chloe.

Milwaukee Zoo

The first stop on our vacation was to a hotel in Oshkosh. Chloe hated the pool. She was clinging to Jon for dear life. He didn't have to hold onto her because her grip was so tight that she wasn't moving at all.

We saw a lot of animals at the zoo. Here is the elephant. Hannah is too funny. She told me, "Mom,those elephants need some lotion. They look all dried up." Oh Hannah. Tyler loved the snakes. Hannah liked the giraffes.

And Chloe actually touched a goat! The zoo was fun and the kids loved it.

Taylor County Fair

We went to the TC Fair on Saturday night to have some fun. Chloe was not too sure what to think of the animals. Good from a distance...but don't touch me. I share the feeling baby!

We had to have some ice cream.

Mom is aliite crazy and took the kids on the ferris wheel. I told her to knock herself out; I was staying nice and put on the ground. Hannah LOVED it, Tyler said it was "ok".

Hannah and her cotton candy. I wish a had a picture of Chloe eating it. She really liked it too.

We ended the night listening to some of Red Higgins playing. Hannah and Ava love to dance and tore up the dance floor.