Monday, July 29, 2013

Lifest 2013

 We were so blessed to be able to go to Lifest again this year.  We really do love it.  Hannah was so excited for the big bag of cotton candy.

 Tyler needed to be as close to the stage as he possible could for the evening shows.  We stayed up there for all of Toby Mac on Thursday, some of Newsboys on Friday and we did not even attempt it for Skillet on Saturday.  The funny thing is, Mom went up front for the first song of Skillet!  We couldn't find her & were joking about her being up front.  And she really was!  She said she needed the once in a lifetime experience. 

 Relaxing during one of the earlier shows with Kelsey.  It was a beautiful weekend.  Not too hot and no rain.

 Tyler loved this mustache.  Well, atleast the idea of it.  It itched him like crazy so it really didn't last too long.

 This was Chloe up front during Newsboys.  It really was super loud.  And the feeling of the bass in your chest literally hurt.  Even Tyler wanted to go to the chairs & sit.  Needless to say, so did Chloe.

 Ah, much better in the chairs.

 The girls loved the face painting.  Last year it was so hot that the paint literally ran down their faces from the sweat, but this year they stayed on nicely.  Until Chloe forgot about it & put a bottle of water on her forehead & smeared it around.  That did not go over so great.  They also got their balloon puppets.  We went early to be first in line.  Yeah, well.  I accidently popped Chloe's & ended up standing in line again, for 45 minutes this time to get a replacement.  Note for the future - balloons pop when they touch grass.

 Tyler has always wanted to see Skillet.  Me, they are not my favorite.  But he loved it.

The girls spent the time dancing with friends.

This year we rented a camper and it was awesome.  Definately the way to go!  It was also great to get to meet up with a friend from our EC days.  Oh I miss Carrie C!!  But it was great to meet up & we look forward to heading over there to see her & Matt again.  What a great weekend.  God is so good isn't He!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Shack

 Our family has been amazingly blessed to become friends with some wonderful families that have an area called The Shack.  They are so kind and it is such a beautiful place to get together.  A couple of weekends ago we took my parents camper out to the camper lot there (I think there were 11 campers that weekend)
 We were nice & close to Teeney.  And if you know me, you might be thinking...Kari goes camping?  Since when?  Well, a few years ago I wouldn't have done it. But God has impressed on me the fun we need to have in life.  To enjoy His creation & to be social & being with friends.  But let's have full disclosure- I still go home to shower & the camper has air conditioning.  :)  And if you knew me in high school, you might be thinking...Kari is camping...with Teeney?  Yep, she has become an awesome friend of mine and I am grateful that we have gotten to know each other so well.

 There were a lot of kids out there throughout the weekend.  Swimming is always one of the favorite things to do.  It is very deep so the diving board & the swing are a hit.  This picture is of some of the boys.

 The boys fishing.  A common bait they use is bread :)

 There are so many four wheelers & stuff out there...for kids & adults.  Here O is taking Hannah for a spin.

 Frog catching is always fun.

 They also love the swing set.

Here they are, all tired out.  Or maybe they are rolling their eyes at that potato gun!!  Or waiting for the campfire, ghost in the graveyard & smores.  It truly is a wonderful place to be & we are so grateful for the blessing to get to go there so often.  God is so good isn't He!