Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

The kids enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars lately, although they go to bed not long after it starts. And they try to copy the dancing...try being the key word. This morning - at 7am- they were doing some "star dancing" in the kitchen. And what else would stars dance to other than "Lord I Lift Your Name on High"? I have to say, my favorite part is the last 5 seconds. Usually Chloe is right in there dancing with them, but she saw an opportunity this morning and took it. Enjoy the show.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just When You Think You'll Lose It...

I love my children dearly. But every once in awhile, they really test my patience. Tyler has me to that point lately. Last week he ordered a dart gun at Awana with his Awana bucks. He likes to lay underneath a blanket and then shoot you as you walk past. And he likes to shoot his little sisters. I hate dart guns.

But then I witness such touching things. Like he helped Chloe find her Easter eggs at Easter. How sweet is that! (Please pay no mind to the fact that they used Halloween buckets).

And remember that dart gun...last night I saw that he filled out an order form to order ANOTHER dart gun. I went right to his classroom and asked, "why did you order another dart gun? You don't need two of those things!!" (Do you feel the frustration rising in my voice?) And he answers, "I ordered one for Hannah. She doesn't get to buy these fun things and I wanted to share with her." My whole heart melted. He spent his hard earned Awana money on Hannah - and nobody asked him to do that. It reminds me that even though I get frustrated, and have so many shortcomings as a mom, God is still working in their hearts. They are growing and maturing and becoming everything God has planned for them to be.

And I thought I would share with you all this picture that he drew last week in church for the "Pic of the Week". I found it hilarious because he took one phrase completely out of context and wrote it with totally unrelated pictures. I call it his awake dream. He wrote Moses saying, "Any women should stay at home" (huh?) And then he drew cardinals (he had been watching the Cardinals vs. Brewers) in a tree with a nest. And one fell out and died. (the bird that died when hitting mom's picture window that he helped bury & have a funeral for, although that was not a cardinal). I love that boy and am amazed and what must going through his mind.