Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camping Fun

 Last weekend we went camping for the first time...ever.  It was fun!  And I was blessed to have so many people help me out that I actually became so spoiled, that I'm not sure I can call it camping on my own with 3 kids!  I'm so thankful for friends & family!!  Tyler caught tons of fish.  And there were so many helpful people around to take the fish off the hooks for him so I didn't have to (even though I don't know how either)

 Chloe loves green onions from the garden.  She went to the camper for a snack.  Onions dipped in ranch & salt.  Yummy.  And she eats all of it - the green part is her favorite.  She is also known for going out to the garden and just taking bites off the tops once in awhile.  Who needs bunnies when you have Chloe to eat off your garden!

 A fight over the bread to feed the fish.  Not really a fight, but it looks like it!

Friends :)

It was a great time and we can't wait to go and do it again sometime!  We also pray for the day when daddy will come with us.  It is a fun time, but also bittersweet because the kids & I all recognize that he is missing and that he would absolutely love it out at the shack.  He would fit right in.  
Praying & waiting yet living & loving life in all of God's goodness & grace.