Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Sports

 Summer leaves Jon & I with lots of running to keep up with the sports - between the practices & the games there is something pretty much every night of the week.  And our kids are only in 1 sport each, I can't imagine if they were in more than one.  But we really do enjoy it.  Chloe started soccer this year.

 She scored a the right goal...not the other team's goal!  Yeah Chloe!  Well, not in this picture, but I didn't get a picture of the actual goal making.  There was lots of scoring in the wrong net, but of course we parents cheered anyway, it is only 4 year old soccer.

 Tyler does baseball.  They have been having him pitch a few innings & he has been doing pretty good.  Grandpa set up a contraption in the backyard so that he can practice pitching.  Here he is getting ready to pitch during a game.

 And he pitches with everything in him.  I was behind home plate, just off to the side, taking the pictures and I think I threw him off.  Because that ball, right there, hit the fence directly in front of me instead of going over the plate.  I personally think it was a warning to me from him to stop taking pictures, but he claims it wasn't.

 And Hannah also does soccer.  She is so good at it!  Here she is, with all kinds of opposing players around her.  Go Hannah!

She runs hard & is pretty aggressive at going after the ball.

We are so thankful to God that we have strong, healthy kids that are able to play sports.  We are blessed to be able to take them to & from their events.  God is so good isn't He!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chloe Turns 5

 Our baby turned 5 last week.  We had multiple celebrations for her.  We had brownies with the T family.

 We outlined each other on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  They actually did a lot of bodies along most of the driveway.  It looked like quite a crime scene.

 We got her a rock box.  The girl loves to collect rocks.  We find them everywhere, so a place for her to put them is a needed thing.  It's really just a tool box and I bought cool stickers to put on it.  She loved it.

 We can't forget that she shares a birthday with Kelsey.  Happy Sweet 16 Kelsey!

 Grandma Hayseed invited us all for lunch to celebrate.  She had a bunch of Chloe's favorite foods and a cake!  Even Grandpa & Sister came out to enjoy the picnic lunch.  It was such a great surprise.  Thank you Grandma!

After a birthday supper & more cupcakes what better way to end than with a silly string fight.  I love how in the background of the picture Hannah is getting Tyler.  Chloe is such a sweet pea.  Even though she is getting too big too fast she will always be our baby.  Jon & I are so blessed to have her and we thank God for her everyday.  She brings some spice and some excitement to our everyday lives.  She loves to ride her bike, use sidewalk chalk & comes up with the craziest sayings.  We love you Chloe.  Happy Birthday!