Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Eggs

The kids & I did our Easter eggs on Sunday afternoon.  It was over and done with so fast - they have no patience to let them sit in the dye for than 1 minute.  And they each only had 4 eggs to do.  What is a person to do with even 12 hard boiled eggs!?  Maybe I'll make deviled eggs for Easter Sunday!

Chloe was the most entertaining of them all - I bet you couldn't have guessed that one! She would put her egg up high and literally drop it into the dye to see how big of a splash it made.  (picture one)  I was not so crazy about that.  Then she would keep tasting the dye!  EEEWWW!  An egg flavored mix of vinegar, water & dye.  And every time - she didn't like the taste.  I think she thought different colors would taste differently.  She kept trying to wipe the taste off her tongue (picture two)

I have a funny side story here...last week Grandma Kapitz asked Chloe if she had any dogs at home (we don't - dogs are not my thing)  and Chloe told her yes, we have dogs, lots of them.  Grandma said Really?  you have lots of dogs??  Where are they??  Chloe said - in the freezer, they are corn dogs and Tyler likes to eat them!!  Oh that girl is too much some days.  I love it!  

And here is a picture of Tyler for those who haven't seen him lately.  His big, toothless grin.  I'm praying that other front one straightens out a bit now that the other front one is out!

Anyways, I pray that each of you has an amazing and blessed Easter.  May you seek out the real meaning of Easter and discover the amazing love that was poured out for you at the cross.  Jesus died for you that you may be saved from the hell you deserve so that you may have eternal life.  Don't reject His gift, but embrace it and find true love, joy and redemption in the only place it can be found - In Christ Alone.

"I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me" ~ John 14:6

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Either It's True...Or It's Not

I just finished reading an awesome book, Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman.  She shares the heart wrenching story of the death of their 5 year old daughter and her journey of faith in their tragedy.  I would highly recommend this book!  But I've been really processing one aspect that she touches on and applying it to my own journey.  And that comes down to either it's all true, or it's not.  I believe that God is sovereign over ALL things.  His guiding hand is in every situation.  But it is also so easy for me to think, God where are you?  Why are you not fixing this?  Why, why, why, why, why?!??!?!?  If God is real, and really there, then this would never have happened...right?!  So does that mean that God wasn't in this?  Does that mean that these choices that others made were out of God's control?  I have had to face the truth...

Do I believe that God is sovereign over all or do I not?

If not, then I'm not believing in the God of the Bible - and what then does that mean?!  I can't pick and choose what parts of God & the Bible I want to follow and what parts I don't really like, so I'll pretend that doesn't apply to me.  Either it's all true...or it's not.  And I believe that it is all true!  Every word is true!  That means God knew this was going to happen to me before the world even existed.   He knew thousands of years ago that Kari Kapitz was going to have her heart broken and life as she knew it was going to be turned upside down in 2010.  He has always been there, he was right there every time my I made a poor choice, he was right there every time Jon made a poor choice, he's there on the bad days and he's there on the ok days.  He is right here in the middle of all of the decisions that others are making at this very moment.  And he is going to remain in the middle of my entire future!  There is nothing that can happen - that wasn't already part of God's plan.  None of us will live one day longer than we are suppose to, none of us will go through something that was not predestined before the beginning of time.  The world and our lives are full of wrongs, injustice, suffering and pain and things that just can't make sense.  It stinks!  But either you are going to grab on to the truth or you are going to run away and deny the truth.  And it's a process.  Do you have any idea how many times in a day I have to stop and run to God and hear "Wait Kari!  Breathe!  God is in this!  Don't panic and freak out!  GOD IS IN THIS!"  But God - how do I do this next hour?  By trusting Him and by knowing that He is in control of everything - even the bad things.  Because all things happen for the purpose of bringing God all the glory.  And I don't just believe that it's all true - I know it is all true. Knowing the truth does not make it easy or hurt less, but it gives me hope.  Because God is my hope.