Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bonfires, kites & picnics

 We've been having some bonfires with neighbors lately.  Our group is growing and more neighbors are coming to join us!  Yeah!  It involves some big games of football & kickball.  The neighborhood dads are good at teaching Tyler some football pointers while they practice "skills". And it has even evolved into water balloon fights with drive by on a golf cart water balloon bombing.  Be careful next time you drive around the neighborhood, you never know what's coming your way!  And you can't cook supper over the campfire without ending it with some smores.
 Which of course make a huge mess!  But isn't that the point?!  Eating over a camp fire is new to me, I didn't do it as kid, and didn't want to do it as an adult, but I've learned to be more easy going and just enjoy life a little more.We are excited to take my parents camper this summer and do some camping with the neighbors this summer.  Camping hasn't been something that I've ever been super thrilled about either, but I'm ready to do it.  Bring on the fun!
 There have also been some great days to fly some kites.  The girls love to run around and get them really high.  Tyler gets too worried about losing his so he keeps it low and then puts it away.
 But losing it is a problem.  Chloe thinks it's so funny to let go of it so us adults have to run after it before it gets away.  She stands there and laughs.  Until it got away and ended up wrapped over the top of the neighbors 2 story house.  We had to crawl up & around to unwind the string from the beams of their porch.  Who am I kidding - she still laughed about it.
And who doesn't love a picnic!  Have I mentioned how much we all love our neighbor girls?