Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chloes Kapitz is 4!

 Last week we celebrated Chloe turning 4.  I can not believe that she is 4 already!  We got her a real bike this year.  We hid it in the neighbor's shed for a week, and Kelsey brought it over bright & early for us.  She loves it.  And we have only had 1 scraped knee so far.

 The birthday girl being all smiles for the camera.

 A brother & sisters picture.  They all have the same smile!

 I love how she has to stand up and blow the candles out from the top.  Although this is the second round.  Tyler & Hannah couldn't stop themselves from "helping" her the first time so we had to re-light them and do it again.

And then the next night we went to Happy Joe's to celebrate again.  

Chloe is an amazing gift from God.  He has entrusted His precious gift of Chloe to me and Jon to raise. I'm grateful beyond words that He would give her to us.  By His grace alone may Jon & I raise her to follow the greatest gift of all - His Son.  Chloe is a bundle of energy and happiness and love. She is the family clown.  She is the troublemaker and she is super bossy yet we love her to pieces.  She always has interesting things to say such as... "and you are welcome for the thank you that you should say".  She melts my heart when she says things like "mommy, you are so beautiful today".  She thinks her sister walks on water, she copies everything she does and always greets us when we pick her up with a huge hug.  She loves to get her big brother into trouble.  She always takes notice of fashion - shoes & dresses in particular.  Although she lacks a sense of her own fashion! She is a perfectionist - things always need to be lined up perfectly in a certain order.  She loves to sing & dance.  And she can write her name!  She loves Jesus and her family.  Her prayers for her daddy and others that she loves are heartfelt and touching.  May we all come to our Heavenly Father as children - from the mouths of babes.  My cup overflows Clo-Clo, sweet pea, green bean, coco puff.  No wonder she needs to declare "My name is Chloe Kapitz."  We love you!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Rodeo

 We went to the rodeo last weekend.  The kid always love it.  The girls ate the whole bag of cotton candy in about 5 minutes.  And they wanted more.  
 I loved this picture with Chloe sitting so close to Hannah.  She really sticks close to her all of the time.

 She thought she was so so funny when she was wearing two hats.  What a crazy kid.

 Here was our best shot at a picture of us.  I was missing Lisa's cowboy boots though!

Chloe didn't make it to the end.  She feel asleep on my lap.  I laid her down while packing up and it didn't even phase her.  The next day we told her she fell asleep and she didn't believe us.  I showed her the picture and she said "Oh Mom, I was just pretending."  Sure you were Chloe.