Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Hannah!

 This weekend we celebrated Hannah's birthday (which is actually March 23).  Hannah & I spent Saturday, just me & her, doing some of her favorite things.  First up, a HUGE surprise for her - she got her ears pierced!  She was so excited, but it turned to fear pretty quickly.

 All done!  We are getting used to them, but she loves them.

 Then we went to Wausau to eat at Olive Garden - her favorite place to eat her favorite food - spaghetti.  And as a bonus - they gave us our entire meal for FREE!  The waitress took a little longer to get to our table so they surprised us with no charge!  WOW!  What a blessing!

 She drank a whole cappuccino - her favorite.

 We went through the car wash - it was horrible after going to Wausau & she loves the car wash.  And we didn't have Chloe with thank goodness.  That Chloe- she hates the car wash with great passion!

 We had a little party to remember Grandpa Art Saturday evening & we had some birthday cake.  This is half the kids - the other boys ran away, but Tyler felt compelled to stay.  She got to curl her hair & play with Taylor - one of her favorite things to do.  The family even had a present for Hannah - which they didn't have to do, but what a blessing!

 Then Taylor was a huge blessing and let Hannah have her American Girl doll!  What an amazing present, and she loves it!

Then the neighbors came over on Sunday & they all got to go on the tobaggan with the snowmobile.  We had a great weekend celebrating our little - or not so little - girl.  Hannah loves to serve other people and the evidence of God working in her heart is lovely to watch.  Happy 8th birthday Hannah Jo!  Daddy & I love you so very much & we thank God for blessing us with you!  Our prayer is that you continue to grow into a beautiful young lady, who seeks to follow Jesus more than anything else.