Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Changes & More Changes

I'm not sure I'm ready for this. I feel rushed. Chloe has never tried to get out of her crib, and so I've refused to move her to a "big girl bed". (I also have yet to take her nuk away at bedtime, but let's ignore that for now). And those pj's make her look like a boy, and as always, she has naked water baby by her side (see Joni's facebook pics for that introduction).

But I made the switch this weekend. She is now in Tyler's bed - which might explain the Spiderman bedding - which is sharing a room with Hannah. It has gone...ok. You just need to imagine the back & forth, getting out & putting her back in about 20 times. She does eventually go to sleep.

I needed to get over it and move her because this bed came out of our room and is now Tyler's. I didn't get the whole room because the crib is still wedged around the corner. I haven't been emotionally ready to take it down yet. It will be the last time we take it down - ever - and I'm not fully ready to accept the fact that my baby is that big already. It was a great bed, but it has been my bed since high school. Jon & I have been watching for a new bed...

We were fully prepared to keep waiting - we have been for what seems like forever! Bedroom sets are expensive!!! And we found this one at a garage sale last week! It was an amazing deal, that we would never, never, never would have found again. It's a king bed and it came with the box spring & mattress, night stand, and 2 full dressers with a mirror. And it is pretty new - and in great condition. I love a great garage sale find! I love the bedding I found, but now my white walls need to change. One thing at a time, that's what Jon tells me at least.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

On Saturday we had a cook out to celebrate a combination of Mom's birthday and Mother's Day. This is mom with her cake that Joni made for her. Do you like the candles? I didn't have any birthday candles, so I grabbed these out of the closet. They looked like rockets, or fireworks.

Here is grandma with all of the grandkids.

And they collapsed from a long weekend. I found this too funny. We had put them to bed - in their own beds, and then when I checked on them later in the night, Hannah had moved to Tyler's bed. They had no blankets on and were curled up next to each other.