Monday, September 28, 2009

Wedding time Again!

We had my cousin Andy's wedding this past weekend. It was fun. Here is a picture of the 4 Poyda grandkids. I think that Bella is funny! She looks angry! Maybe Tyler is pinching her.

Then we took some family pictures. I just couldn't find the best one. At least Jon and I are looking for this one. Hannah only has 1 leg. Chloe looks like she is wondering where the other leg went.

Here I think everyone is trying too hard to say cheese. Because they all have their eyes closed.

This one is at least realistic. It is not uncommon to find me prying Tyler's hands off from Chloe. What I think is too funny is that in every picture, Jon looks the same. He holds strong and steady. And smiles.

But the best part of any wedding on this side of the family - and Hannah's favorite and most anticipated moment - the chocolate fountains. So many things to dip in chocolate and it tastes so good! Hannah was only a little messy. :)

Little Loggers

Meet the Logging Kids. A Red Logger and a Blue Logger. And their pulp truck. And the skidder.

Yep. That's my kids. On Saturday morning they played "logging work" - for hours. Hannah was the blue logger & Tyler was the red logger. At least they color coordinate! I think Tyler fired Hannah about 5 times. He runs a tight ship.

They fill the wagon with "a load of wood" (toys, whatever they find) and haul it with the "pulp truck" (the tractor). And they dump it all over the yard. And Hannah drives the "skidder" around. I have to say, my kids have an amazing imagination. I wouldn't have it any other way. Because if they were coming to me saying "We're bored" I would never be able to come with playing logging. Gotta love them - especially their fashion sense. Tyler insisted on flannel shirts because that's a loggers uniform.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where, O Where, Has My Little Toothbrush Gone?

I suppose that you are wondering what in the world I am talking about. Well, you see a few days ago (well, maybe a few weeks ago but I don't really want to admit that it has been that long) Chloe lost her toothbrush. And now that she is actually getting teeth we wanted to brush them. (as a side note...the girl is getting 7 teeth at one time. It has been a really long week and a half). But anyway, we have searched for this toothbrush, because of course, why would we keep her in the bathroom with her toothbrush??? We have all but given up. And then, Jon happens to accidently find it. It just took some work to get it out of the DRYER LINT TRAP! First he used some fishing pole pieces to lift it up out of a deep hole. See above picture.

Then we used the salad tongs to grab a hold of it and pull it out the rest of the way...

Yummy. Maybe she can use it after breakfast tomorrow.

And there is the fuzzy picture of the golden toothbrush. It has been found. Would anyone else had thought to look in their dryer lint trap for a toothbrush? Because I searched drawers, cupboards, boxes, in things, behind things and it wasn't there. I have no idea when she put it in there. It must have been perfect timing because it had to go in while the lint trap was out. What a crazy kid!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun on Wheels

We had a fun weekend hanging out home. I realized that all of the kids were doing something with wheels. Hannah was roller skating. Don't you love those skates! They are huge on her feet, but she loves them.

This is not the best picture of Tyler, but he was moving too fast before I could run and get my camera. He used some old trim, propped it up on the gas can, and was using it as a car ramp for his matchbox cars.

And Chloe, oh Chloe, she was introduced to a tricycle. She loves it! She can't move it, but she loves to sit on it. Either she moves her body in an attempt to propel it forward or else the other two push her around on it. Some of the girl's attitude is coming out in this picture.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Do you like Chloe's face? She was walking in the driveway Saturday and tripped on her own feet. She did not use her hands to stop her fall and so she landed face first on the blacktop. Her nose was bleeding a lot and she was screaming. Tyler was outside and he started screaming "Does she need stitches? Is she dying?" He was freaking out more than Chloe was.

But the bleeding stopped. And her nose isn't crooked so must not be broken. But she did get that lovely black & blue line across the bridge of her nose. And some road rash under her nose. And as I was taking her pictures while she ate, it became more about the funny pictures of her eating...

Yummy! Ham for me!

"Am I not too funny?!?!?!"
I'm just thankful that it wasn't more serious. And I'm super thankful that she doesn't have any scheduled pictures coming up anytime soon. Doesn't that always seem the case? The day before pictures is always an apprehensive day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moms & Munchkins

At our church we have a group called Moms & Munchkins (M&Ms). I am on the Leadership Team for it. We had our kickoff this past Thursday and it was awesome! We had 36 moms and almost 40 kids!! WooHoo!! Some of you were there...
But it really is a great time. This year we are doing a study on patience. Patience with kids, husbands, little annoyances, and God's plan for our lives. Who doesn't need more patience in all of those areas??? But it so great to have moms from all backgrounds, all churches together to make friends with other moms! Anyone is welcome and the best part...we have volunteers to watch the kids! So if you were not there, come next time. It is the first Thursday of every month at 9am.

Wedding Time

This last weekend we had Jon's cousins' wedding on Saturday. It was a fun time. We lasted until 10pm! That's when Hannah had a melt down. Lots of kicking & screaming & crying. Dragging her out of there. All because they brought out food for people to snack on...and she didn't like that food. She doesn't like smoked salmon, meatballs, or cheese & sausage. Well, don't we all lay down on the floor and scream once and awhile??? I do have to give her that the head of the fish was still attached. Although Tyler couldn't eat enough of it...

Here are Hannah, Molly & Megan. "How long do we have to wait until we can dance again?" At one point, Chloe and Tyler were also laying there on their bellys waiting. But I wasn't fast enough at finding my camera. That grand march & stuff just take too long!

They danced and danced and danced. People found it weird that my kids never wore shoes. The shoes laid in a pile on the floor all night. They prefer being bare foot. I wonder...Why do I spend any money on shoes???

I'm not sure if Tracey stole my camera of if Hannah had my camera?

This was the line up for the garter toss. There was one groomsman that came out and on his knees, he was still the tallest one out there. Tyler was already to get it. And then at the last minute 2 more "older guys" came out. They were goofing around, and Tyler was right in there, only he was dead serious about catching it. But he didn't. He was a little upset. Crazy Kid!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hannah's First Day of School

Well, Hannah had her first fay of preschool today. And she loved it...and there was no crying - by me or her!! YEAH!! Although, I wish her teacher all the best because she might have her hands full. In preparation of school we were working on her name, address, etc. We never got past the name because...
"Hannah, what is your last name?"
"I don't know"
"What do we say, Hannah...what?
"No, Hannah, your last name. Not a nickname."
"No. What is Tyler's last name?
"Daddy's? Mommy's? Chloe's"?
"Ok, what is YOUR last name?"

We have forever scarred the poor girl with her million and one nicknames. She doesn't even know her real name!!! I guess she didn't say her name was Irene Bo-Jangles.

There has to be a back.

Here we are waiting for her to get off the bus. I don't think Chloe could figure out why we stood at the end of the driveway for 30 minutes.

Here comes the bus!!! It took a long time to get here today. I guess she was on the wrong bus, so a different bus brought her home. We thought it was odd that the bus turned around in mom's driveway! I am so glad that I was not aware of that until AFTER she was home.

There is the big girl! One more funny story...When she sat down to eat her lunch she told mom that they said a "funny prayer" in school before their snack. "It was different than we say". So mom was thinking, "hm, a prayer in public school before eating?? Odd." So Hannah shared with us the "funny prayer" before eating...

"Criss-Cross applesauce, put your hands on your knees"

Oh Hannah! What are we going to do with you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tyler's First Day of School

Today was Tyler's first day of school. And I'm not going to It's just a new school, new teacher, new friends. And FIRST GRADE!! My baby is too big! And he only went to the bathroom about 4-5 times between 7 &8!

But first a story...last night I realized that I had no tree to take a first day of school picture by. It's tradition! You have to take the first day of school picture by the same tree every year! Who doesn't do that?!??!!? So mom had a great suggestion, which I ran past Jon at 7pm...on the Monday night before school starts...during the Viking game (which he was watching hoping that Favre would break something). I asked him to go to mom & dad's to find a tree, dig it up, bring it home and plant it in our yard so we would have our own tree for the pictures the next morning.

He just looked at me with a blank stare.
You see, he is a crazy person that never took pictures next to a tree year after year after year. He doesn't understand the tradition!

But, he loves me, so he stopped watching the game and went out to find a tree. Which is in the picture above. What a great guy!

Should I tell him that maybe we should move the tree? Because in the background of all of the pictures is the neighbor's house! Nah, he might chase me with the shovel.

Here are all 3 of the kids. Chloe was not happy.

And of course, to keep with tradition, there has to be a back picture. We lost Chloe, she would stay there anymore. (Grandma - did you see that Hannah is wearing her new dress!)

And then there will be tomorrow. When I cry and leave the school with a racing heart. Do they let parents sit in the parking lot all day watching the school? So that your close when your little girl needs you on HER first day of preschool? She isn't really going is she? We'll see tomorrow if I can let go.