Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Hannah!

 I know this post is after the fact, but hey, it is April 23, so it's something to be exactly one month late...right?  On March 23 our little Hannah turned 9.

 Oh my.  This picture makes me want to cry.  They were so little!  What happened to the babies?!

 Back to age 9.  We went bowling with some friends.

 Hannah is the child that wants to bring something special to school for her birthday.  Tyler is good with cookies.  Chloe was perfectly ok with fruit snacks.  Hannah - it can't just be cupcakes, they have to be special ones.  And that's ok - she loves to help make them & they show her personality, so I embrace it.  This year, it was owl cupcakes.  We was an especially busy night at home that night we had to do them, so thank goodness for Grandma coming to join the assembly line.  Tyler & Grandpa kept trying to steal them - I think Tyler was successful.  However, I still have in my kitchen drawer a bag full of the other half of all those oreos - who wants to eat an oreo without the good part?!?!

 We ate at grandma's house & had fun playing with Joey.  It gets kind of rough.  Poor Tyler.

I still can't believe our Hannah is 9.  She is so beautiful - not just on the outside, but on the inside.  Hannah has the most compassionate heart.  She often says she wants to be a missionary & I can see her doing that. Her heart breaks for people in need, and what greater need do we all have than Jesus?!  She is amazingly crafty & full of expression.  She is all about drawing, writing, dancing, singing, gymnastics & soccer.  I think it becomes impossible for her to walk across an open room - she needs to cartwheel across.  She often says, can I please do a cartwheel - I haven't done one all day, I NEED to do one!  Hannah, you are such a precious gift & we thank God for you every day!  We love you!

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