Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Chloe

 Last week we celebrated Chloe's 6th birthday.  She is getting way too old on us!  We had fun making a watermelon cake.

 I love this picture of her.  It is from when she turned 2.

 When I got her soccer picture last night I was a little bit stunned.  The left is soccer last year, the right is soccer this year.  How she has grown and changed in one year is amazing!  She is losing her baby look more and more.

 And she is looking more and more like her big sister all the time.

 Chloe is just as spirited and full of life as ever.  She tends to dominate & lead in most situations.  She is friendly & outgoing.  I can't walk down the school hallways with her without the constant "Hi Chloe" from all kinds of other kids.  Chloe was invited to 7 birthday parties - in kindergarten!  We did not go them all.  Tyler & Hannah had a discussion that between the two of them put together, they are not sure if they have been invited to 7 birthday parties.  The girl has a personality & it is just too darn loveable!  

From the hospital to kindergarten graduation, our little girl has grown in so many ways.  She is our precious little sweet pea & we love her to pieces.  We are grateful to God for having blessed us with such a wonderful gift of raising her.  Happy Birthday Chloe!  You are loved!

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